Grand Slam

International Tennis Federation has organized Tennis Competition in the Gulf area at Middle East in Dubai for a long time.
Dubai has the big potential to organize  The 5th Grand Slam because it has a long tennis tradition at this place.
Consequently it needs an Arena, which would have individual character, very specific to Dubai.

The 5 th Grand Slam would be a great part of events calendar World Tennis.



Light and air make Your safety. 

The construction is based at the Commercial Principals.
It should be remembered that Cooling of the buildings in this climate zone is expensive. The buildings Immersed in a water are more expensive in the construction process, but they will be Cheaper to operate for the future.

The physical properties of Sunlight passing through water give a remarkable effects inside which is much Natural for the perception than the artificial light.



Glass Roof is the main Quest

You can watch the Implemented Reef  by a Carbon Glass Glazing located above the tennis court. 
The Structure is light beceause the water depth doesn't exceed maximum 5 m.

The entire ecosystem of coral on the Roof is natural but isolated from the marine life. 
The Structure resembles an Atoll with its characteristic Shallow inside it.



Let us go into the depths, there is life. 

The Underwater Arena does not affect the natural ecological balance because the complex is built in the bay. The construction will allow the full perception of the Natural Ecosystem.
The modern technologies and Environmentally-Friendly materials will be used in the structure of the facility i.e.: nano-cement and carbon glass . 

The implementation of the Coral Reef in the system is in line with the Dubai Authorities' policy of reconstruction of the marine life in this part of the world.