New Living Spaces for China/中国的新的生存空间*****800 000 Km2
New        Farmland for China/     在中国新农业区  *****655 000 Km2
China need a new space to live / 中国需要一个新的生存空间
Water is a factor that can increase the range of areas available for human existence / 水是可以增加区域可供人类生存的一个因素
The filling of water with the Gobi desert basin and the Mongolian highlands will serve as a backdrop to the development of agriculture in the region / 填充沙漠戈壁和蒙古高地的水流域将成为该地区的农业发展设施
New agricultural land will increase settlement space / 新的农业用地将增加空间结算